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Paco de Lucia's guitar
I had the privilege of having the stage guitar of Paco de Lucia in my shop for...
You can find information here about guitar builders, with whom I am currently collaborating and my favorites of the last century. Photos are provided if I have them.

Manuel Reyes

Manuel Reyes Senior (1934-2014)
Manuel Reyes has been building guitars since the 50s. He modeled himself on Marcelo Barbero. He corresponded with the master and got a few tips from him too. Unfortunately, Barbero died too early to show Reyes really a lot, but his influence is unmistakable. Reyes took a giant leap forward at the end of the 60s. The guitars, which he built starting from the 70s, have nothing more in common with the earlier ones. When Vicente Amigo noticed him, he already had a very good reputation as a guitar builder. Today he is the unbeatable no. 1 in Spain for flamenco guitars. Waiting times of 15 years and longer are not seldom. His order book is full of customers who have been waiting for a guitar since the 90s. He has not taken any new orders for many years. Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Manolo Franco and many others play his guitars enthusiastically. I have had a few second-hand Reyes in my shop and can confirm that they were always something special. It is one of the most well balanced guitar that I know. However, you have to pay a high price for it. He retired in 2011 and died in 2014.

Manuel Reyes Junior
Manuel Reyes' son has been in the workshop under the wings of his father from the end of the 90`s. He has been building his own make from the beginning of 2000. The sound quality is quite good. He already has a waiting list and his market value is increasing. The sound is similar to that of his father's guitars, and some instruments can compare with those of his father.

Manuel Reyes 2008 in his workshop. Behind him his son and his daughter.
Manuel Reyes Junior, Johannes Inhoffen and Manuel Reyes Senior
In his shop in 2006.

New incomings

Prices are final prices. Plus shipping costs.
  • Lester DeVoe 2012, Indian Rosewood/spruce
    Lester DeVoe 2012, Indian Rosewood/spruce
    7.500 €
  • Francisco Sánchez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    Francisco Sánchez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    4.390 €
  • Jeronimo Perez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    Jeronimo Perez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    4.390 €
  • Graciliano Perez, Indian Rosewood/Cedar 2018
    Graciliano Perez, Indian Rosewood/Cedar 2018
    2.990 €
  • Jesús de Jiménez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    in stock
    Jesús de Jiménez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    4.790 €
  • Lester DeVoe 2015, Cypress/spruce
    in stock
    Lester DeVoe 2015, Cypress/spruce
    8.300 €
  • Sanchis López Soleá 2018, Ind.Roswood/Spruce
    in stock
    Sanchis López Soleá 2018, Ind.Roswood/Spruce
    1.890 €

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Prices are final prices. Plus shipping costs.
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