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    Travel to spain

    From the 28.05. until the 22.06. 2018 i am traveling through spain. During this time my shop will...


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Paco de Lucia's guitar
I had the privilege of having the stage guitar of Paco de Lucia in my shop for...
You can read about the history of Mundo Flamenco and the biography of its founder Johannes Inhoffen here.


Mundo Flamenco has been the top spot for flamenco guitars in Europe since 1993, the specialist for all questions dealing with flamenco guitars. Mundo Flamenco is one of the five leading stores worldwide with respect to selection and range of flamenco guitars.

I have often been in Spain over the past 35 years and have optimum contacts to all guitar builders whose guitars I sell. As with everything else in Andalusia, personal contact is very important here. Because I can speak fluent Spanish to talk to people there, I have been able to establish especially good relations with most guitar builders. I have known many of them for 35 years from the times when I traveled through Andalusia, always searching for my dream guitar. I even lived a few years in the province of Granada at the end of the 80s, which is one reason why I have always had an especially good relationship with the guitar builders from Granada. When I started to sell instruments professionally at the beginning of the 90s, these contacts of course helped me a lot. In the meantime, I have very close friendships with many of these maestros. We respect each other mutually and work together on a basis of trust. This is a definite advantage for you as a customer. You get a guarantee that I have personally selected all the guitars that I sell and tested them as an experienced flamenco guitarist. Guitar builders often give me preference with respect to delivery times and selection.
I travel to Spain many times a year to buy guitars and take a lot of time to select the best ones at the workshops of guitar builders. A day goes by quickly "simply" buying a guitar. Take advantage of my experience in this area!
I have been fascinated by flamenco guitar for 35 years. I toured through much of Europe as a guitarist with groups and performed at Spanish festivals and in Spanish radio. Now, I dedicate myself exclusively to selling flamenco guitars and put my knowledge at your service. As you can see in the list of "Our customers", that is sufficient reason for many well-known artists to buy guitars from me. Mundo Flamenco is considered one of the leading shops for flamenco guitars worldwide, and our customers are spread out all over the planet.

Best regards 

Johannes Inhoffen


New incomings

Prices are final prices. Plus shipping costs.
  • Graciliano Perez, Indian Rosewood/Cedar 2018
    Graciliano Perez, Indian Rosewood/Cedar 2018
    2.990 €
  • José Salinas 2017
    José Salinas 2017 "El Amir", Cypress/Cedar
    3.900 €
  • José López Bellido, flamed maple/spruce 2007
    in stock
    José López Bellido, flamed maple/spruce 2007
    3.200 €
  • Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2003, 1F Extra, Cypress/Spruce
    in stock
    Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2003, 1F Extra, Cypress/Spruce
    2.300 €
  • Lester DeVoe 2015, Cypress/spruce
    Lester DeVoe 2015, Cypress/spruce
    8.300 €
  • Francisco Sánchez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    in stock
    Francisco Sánchez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    4.390 €
  • Jesús de Jiménez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    Jesús de Jiménez 2018, Cypress/Spruce
    4.790 €
  • Sanchis López Soleá 2018, Ind.Roswood/Spruce
    in stock
    Sanchis López Soleá 2018, Ind.Roswood/Spruce
    1.890 €

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