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Workshops 2024

Flamenco Guitar with el Amir in Granada


27.05. – 07.06.2024


750 €


2 weeks guitar workshop with the great Person and guitarist El Amir in a nice small village in the mountains of Granada.

Its named Ferreirola and is one of the last authentic Villages from the time when the moorish people left Granada in 1490 and stayed there for another 100 years. It takes place in a very nice Hotel with an amazing garden. All rooms have their own bath. Price is only for lessons Hotel will be charged separately. Please mail me for the hotel rates. We are planing some activities for the free weekend, like beach tour or concert in Granada.

We have only 2 places left!


I have been concerned with making flamenco more popular since the founding of Mundo Flamenco, in 1993.

I have always considered organizing workshops as a good way to do this. I arrange workshops with guitarists every year, whom I believe are able to impart their knowledge well. 

Among others, they have included: Pepe Justicia, Rafael Cortés, Mariano Martin, Amir Haddad, David Serva, Gerardo Nuñez, Agustin de la Fuente and Manolo Franco.

I have been offering workshops in Spain for a few years to let interested people experience the special ambiance of that country. My stays in Spain in the 1970s were formative experiences for me, which let me better understand flamenco mentality and really fired my enthusiasm for flamenco.

Unser jährlicher Sommerworkshop in Spanien
Gitarrenworkshop im Schwarzwald
Hamburg / Gitarrenworkshop mit Amir 2011
Hamburg / Gitarrenworkshop mit Manolo Franco 2012
Gitarrenkonzert von "El Amir" in meinem ehemaligen Laden
Gitarrenworkshop in Freiburg
Teilnehmer des Gitarrenworkshops von Amir in Freiburg
Gitarrenworkshop mit Rafael Cortés in Freiburg
Teilnehmer des Gitarrenworkshops von Rafael Cortés
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