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Our Recording Studio from Thomas Vogt

Thomas Vogt from the sound studio TeFau in Freiburg records all of my sound examples for my website. I really don’t know anybody who can record guitar pieces better then he. Also refer to the CD “9 Guitarras”.


Recording Studio TeFau

Amir Haddad from Madrid recorded the sound examples here. We recorded the pieces in the sound studio TeFau of Thomas Vogt in Freiburg. We selected a granainas as palo to make the bass and treble sounds of the guitar clearly audible. We added a small bulerias at the end to show how awesome the respective guitars can sound. The recordings were made without special effects to let the guitars sound as natural as possible.

Here are a few impressions of our recording sessions in the sound studio TeFau of Thomas Vogt in Freiburg. Among others, Thomas recorded the  current CD by Mariano Martin. I consider him one of the best for acoustic recordings.

Thomas Vogt at his recording table
Guitars, ready for recording
Mariano Martin recording sound samples
Amir-John Haddad and Thomas Vogt adjusting the equipment
Thomas Vogt recording
Amir-John Haddad and Thomas Vogt in the studio
Amir-John Haddad with his arabian Loud
Amir-John Haddad with his Bouzuki
Thomas Vogt
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His equipment is of the finest quality, and his know-how about guitar recording is hard to beat. Another advantage is that he studied classical guitar and has also been an active flamenco guitarist for almost 20 years. You can find all information about his studio  on the website of his flamenco group “El Jaleo”.
Whoever wants to hear how good Thomas Vogt can play can do this at  his  YouTube page.
A few photos of Amir Haddad, Thomas Vogt and Johannes Inhoffen during the sound recordings of the guitars on this website are shown below.
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