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Here you can see the rooms where I sell guitars. A living room ambiance contributes to letting my customers feel at home


The Location I provide a cozy ambience with normal living room acoustics, so that you can judge how the instrument would sound in your home. You can try out and compare guitars in relaxed surroundings and take your time. If you want, I will be happy to play a few of the instruments for you to give you an impression of how they sound when you are sitting across from them. You will receive individual advice. Because I make appointments with my customers, you can be assured that you are not disturbed by the playing of others. These conditions are substantially better than you usually find in Spain. 

Duo Palatzky
Maxime Lysov
A Trio from Austria
Bino Dola
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In many stores, you sit squashed between goods and aisles surrounded by noise, which comes either from outside or from other guitarists who are trying out another guitar right next to you. In addition, many stores have tile or stone floors. This changes the acoustics completely and deceives you about how mediocre many instruments are. Once at home, you get an unpleasant surprise when you realize how completely different the purchased guitar sounds with normal acoustics. 
My rooms have a wood floor and carpets. As a result, you have completely natural acoustics and will discover that a guitar, which you bought from me, sounds exactly the same in your home if not better, depending on your interior furnishings. Many of my customers have confirmed this.m.