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Andrés Daniel Marvi

He lives in the mountains adjacent to Granada for more than 35 years. I got to know him about 45 years ago when he was still working as a guitar teacher in Germany. We met again 35 years ago when he set up his first guitar workshop in the Alpujarras (mountains near Granada). He learned the trade bit by bit, which already made him an insider tip for classical guitarists many years ago. As with many guitar builders who live in Andalusia, he could not avoid being attracted by the magic of flamenco guitars. He finally became well known when Gerardo Nuñez noticed him and ordered two guitars from him. He was so enthusiastic about them that he played them to record his famous teaching video, which is sold throughout the world. Gerardo Nuñez, who also works as producer, often lent his guitar to guitarists who recorded for him. As a result, Marvi has increasingly become an insider tip in flamenco circles over the past years. Meanwhile, it has become known overall that a Marvi guitar is one of the finest that a flamenco guitarist can buy. He currently builds just as many flamenco guitars as classical guitars in some years.