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Antonio Marin Montero

He is almost a legend today. Granada without Antonio Marín is like flamenco without Paco de Lucia. Innumerable guitar builders have learned from him. He was always open to passing on his knowledge. Today, he is 90 years old and is in his workshop every day. He is one of the people most full of life whom I know, and also one of the nicest. His guitars are world famous, but he still has never agreed to setting up any waiting lists. This does not mean that it is easy to get one of his guitars. You need a lot patience to get one of his instruments. You have to visit his workshop often and remind him about the ordered guitar. Otherwise, you don’t have a chance. His instruments are absolutely top rate, although he has always built more classical guitars than flamenco guitars. I have already had a few beautiful guitars of his in my shop. Rounded, sweet, singing sounds with easy playability and very beautiful bass make his guitars something very special in the world of guitar builders.

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Antonio mit seinem Neffen José.