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José Salinas

José is one of my absolutely favourites.

José Salinas is a gifted flamenco singer, who has played on the stage with “El Amir” for many years. José grew up in Almería where his father was a well-known cabinet-maker. His life was molded by his father’s craft starting from childhood. He spent countless afternoons at the side of his father at an early age to learn how to work with wood. He then learned the carpenter trade at his father’s side when he was 16. 
His passion for his craft and wood combined with his work as a professional flamenco singer aroused his interest for flamenco guitars and guitar building.
In 2014, he decided to learn the art of guitar making to unite his two great passions: wood and flamenco. He got inspiration from renowned guitar makers such as Andrés Marvi, Arcadio Marín, Javier Castaño and Alfredo Mate, among others.
In the spring of 2017, he decided with “El Amir” to build a special guitar for him, which corresponded to the latter’s preferences. Because of my large experience and our friendship i could be involved in the process. We spent many hours with him to help him succeed in the project. Dimensions were replaced and tested, types of wood compared and tested.
José had the good fortune to be able to buy very old wood. It is partly from the workshop of Gerundino and from an old guitar builder, who worked for Conde for more than 40 years. 

The “El Amir” guitars are sold exclusively by Mundo Flamenco.

Antonio Santiago (El Noño) won 2021 at the Lebrija guitar competion the first price playing a cypress guitar from José Salinas. Meanwhile he owns 3 guitars from José.

Meanwhile many Pros in Spain are playing his guitars on stage. He is getting better every day. He is very close to the sound of a Lester DeVoe guitars.