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Lester DeVoe

I had a visit from the American guitar builder Lester de Voe on October 2009. He was on a sure path to becoming a legend. His customers include  late Sabicas, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, El Viejin, Joaquin Amador and many more. It all started when Sabicas, who lived in New York, became aware of his guitars. Sabicas played his guitars until his death. Paco de Lucia plays his guitar in the flamenco film by Carlos Saura and on his last CD, and Vicente Amigo recorded his last three CDs with his guitars. We agreed that he will supply me with a few guitars each year in the future. His normal delivery time is four  years. Since 2009 i have a very good corporation with him. Currently he builds only 8 guitars a year, from which i receive two. I am his exclusive dealer in Europe. If you want to order a Lester from me my waiting list is 2 years.

Two photos are below with Lester in my shop. He tried a few of my guitars to get a picture of what type of guitar I especially like.