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Paco de Lucia's guitar
I had the privilege of having the stage guitar of Paco de Lucia in my shop for...
You can find information here about guitar builders, with whom I am currently collaborating and my favorites of the last century. Photos are provided if I have them.

Conde Hermanos

Conde Hermanos are not just any guitar builders, no, they have written flamenco history as no other. The three brothers Julio, Mariano and Faustino started to build guitars for the widow of Domingo Esteso Guitars with the label of the widow at the beginning of the 50s. Slowly they started building their own instruments with the label Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso. At that time, beginning of the 60s, it was not easy to live from sales of flamenco guitars. By the time the young Paco de Lucia finally became aware of them at the end of the 60s/beginning of the 70s–he had previously played Ramirez–they had developed their own guitar type: a flamenco guitar with a strong bass but still brilliant high-tension sound. 67 cm string vibration length was normal at that time, but is unplayable in today's conditions. Paco was seen almost exclusively with Conde, and of course a lot of players copied him and did the same. There is almost no young guitarist who did not play Conde in old television recordings of the 70s. Faustino Conde, who is considered the person in charge for building the old Condes, wrote flamenco history. This legend of Condes, also called "Estesos" in Spain, has been maintained till today. No other guitar is so shrouded in legend, although most of today's Condes have nothing more in common with the old sound. The two brothers Faustino and Mariano died at the end of the 80s. Julio died in 1995. From the 90s there were three official inheritors of the Conde name. Mariano and Felipe in Calle Felipe are Mariano's sons. Carmen Conde is Julio's daughter. She lives in Calle Atocha. Faustino's widow lives in the old store in Calle Gravina. Nobody knows exactly where the many instruments come from, which are offered there, and you have to be careful to get something adequate for your money.

In the long years during which I bought new Conde guitars, I always preferred guitars from Calle Felipe. They have been the most expensive, but I think they were the best.
The two brothers Felipe and Mariano each went his own way in 2010, and now each sells under his own label.

Felipe Conde and Johannes Inhoffen

New Incomings / Novedades

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  • Manuel Reyes 1973, Cypress/Spruce
    in stock
    Manuel Reyes 1973, Cypress/Spruce
  • Carl Hermann Schäfer 2018, Santos 1925, cypress/spruce
    Carl Hermann Schäfer 2018, Santos 1925, cypress/spruce
    4.800 €
  • Lester DeVoe 2017, Indian Rosewood/Spruce
    in stock
    Lester DeVoe 2017, Indian Rosewood/Spruce
    8.300 €
  • Ana Espinosa, Cypress/Spruce 2012
    in stock
    Ana Espinosa, Cypress/Spruce 2012
    2.900 €
  • Francisco Barba 2019, Cypress/Spruce
    in stock
    Francisco Barba 2019, Cypress/Spruce
    8.500 €
  • Andrés Daniel Marvi, Cypress/Spruce 2012
    in stock
    Andrés Daniel Marvi, Cypress/Spruce 2012
    5.600 €
  • Lester DeVoe 2006, Indian Rosewood/Spruce
    in stock
    Lester DeVoe 2006, Indian Rosewood/Spruce
    6.900 €

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